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Early adopters of new dental technology, improves your comfort, enhances quality and provides you with a better dental experience.

Multimedia Patient Education

We love questions and want our patients to ask and understand all of their choices.  Our patient education system is intended to fully inform you about dental condition, potential options to restore your dental health, alternatives treatments and long term maintenance.  Patient education allows you to be fully informed about your treatment options and choose what’s right for you, not just what we say.

Digital X-Rays

These digital x-ray sensors reduce your radiation exposure by as much as 90% over that of traditional film and are developed within seconds.

Patient Communications Software

Keeping in contact with you so you don’t miss your preventative care is extremely important to us.  Keeping you out of the chair for treatment is done best when we received regular checkups and preventative rather than restorative treatment.  Since we know how busy life can get and how full your schedule can become, we have invested in Lighthouse systems.  This is a wonderful appointment reminder feature.  You can decide on what works best for your busy life.  You can choose to receive your appointment reminder via email, text messages, phone calls or even traditional postcards. We know preventative care is the best way to keep your teeth and reduce costs, so it was important to us to make it easy to remember.  It even gives you the chance to provide us with feedback, which we love and appreciate, at the end of the appointment with a patient survey system.

Sirona Cerec 3D

The CEREC CAD/CAM System is intended to save you the time of having return for a subsequent dental visit and decrease the length of time the tooth is unsealed with a temporary, which can reduce irritation to teeth.  The 3D scanning technology and materials we use also provide a top quality, which saves your money and tooth structure long term from decreasing replacement frequency. Crowns, Veneers, and Onlays typically take two dental visits to complete. However, with the Cerec Cad Cam system, these procedures can be done in one visit producing instant results. A Cerec restoration can give you a natural match to the rest of your teeth, and the composite materials used by NW Distinctive Dental are of top grade.  Just ask and we would be happy to show you the Distinctive Dental Difference.

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